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EM Alliance is a coalition formed by leaders in risk management, fire and life safety, emergency medical services, security administration, disaster recovery services, crisis management and legal consultation to provide the healthcare community and related types of occupancies the tools and services needed for disaster planning, response, mitigation and recovery.

Recognizing the need for disaster and emergency management services, Pendulum, a noted leader in professional liability risk management, joined forces with charter members Fire and Life-Safety, Inc.; Sorensen, Wilder & Associates; and Advance Catastrophe Technologies, Inc. (ACT) to form the Emergency Management Alliance or "EM Alliance." Affiliate members Jackson Spalding and Hall Booth Smith, PC have rounded out the range of services offered by Alliance members.

Here you will find many helpful resources covering all aspects of emergency management and disaster planning.

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Video summary of a full-scale Active Shooter Drill designed and coordinated by Fire and Life Safety, Inc., a founding member of EM Alliance. This event required a comprehensive process involving extensive preparation, training, and integration with local community resources (police, fire, and EMS). This drill serves as a great example of the wide range of services provided by the specialized consulting firms that are part of EM Alliance.